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Virtual Campus Graz

Internet Access in Your Room

1. Account & Registration

In order to be authorized for Internet access, an account (username/password) is necessary, which you will receive from the dorm by email - you can find out your contact person or dorm supervisor from your dorm administration!
This contact person is also responsible for resetting passwords if you have forgotten your password. If you have not received the access data (also check your spam folder and the trash folder!), the dorm administration can print (or send) the data to you as a PDF.
With this account you log in to the network via PPPoE or WLAN, after that you will get a "real internet address" assigned, but only 3 simultaneous WiFi connections are possible.

2. Transfer Volume

The monthly transfer limit is set by the dorm administration, defining a default value and a maximum value that the dorm admins can assign.

Since the dorms pay for the dorm-internal cabling and the so-called "last mile" themselves, it is at the discretion of the dorm whether or not something has to be paid by the residents for Internet access - for example, the monthly transfer limit could be "sold" on a staggered basis to cover any expenses (hardware, support, last mile, ...) - for example:

Dorm A Dorm B Dorm C
1 GB/month: no extra costs or 15 GB/month: free or 50 GB/month for everyone
15 GB/month: low extra costs
50 GB/month: medium extra costs 75 GB/month: extra costs
100 GB/month: higher extra costs

It is also possible to allocate a higher limit for (time-limited) study-related projects, e.g. if residents prove that they need more for their studies - but again, this is at the discretion of the dorm and not the VCG operation!

All non-local data traffic (wired or WLAN) is counted towards the transfer volume, i.e. only data exchanged with other 10-addresses does not count towards the limit, but data to or from the Graz universities does!


In VCG, internal addresses are distributed in the wired area by DHCP according to the scheme 10.dorm.x.y, where
  • dorm defines the dorm,
  • x is between 1 and 15 (incl.) and
  • y is between 1 and 254 (incl.).

The responsible DHCP server runs at the default gateway 10.dorm.0.1 or on 10.dorm.0.5 (cold standby). The ranges 10.dorm.16-254.y are free and can be used for internal purposes (if the rest is not disturbed by this).

3.1 Networked Devices
Please note that none of your networked devices (including WiFi routers, game consoles, etc.) may act as a DHCP server in the upstream!

4. Firewall

Information about blocked services etc.

5. Other Information

You are responsible for everything that runs over your internet connection and can be made liable for it also civilly and criminally! Therefore, you should not share your user data with anyone, because we can only assign the IP address used to a user name and thus to a user, and in the event of an incident, we will then disclose this person to the investigating authorities.

6. Alternatives

If PPPoE is not possible on the LAN or 802.1X is not possible on the WLAN, PPTP is also available as an emergency alternative.