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Virtual Campus Graz

FAQs about VC Graz

How do I Register?

By contacting your dorm management directly.

What Rights and Obligations Do I Have?

These are laid down in the "Acceptable Use Policy" (operating and usage regulations), in case of violations the access authorization can be withdrawn for a certain period of time.

Which Servers Can I Use?

The following servers are explicitly enabled for VCG: SMTP:

Whom Do I Contact in Case of Problems (e.g. forgotten password)?

Please contact your dorm admin directly. You can find out who this is by contacting your dorm supervisor.
If s/he cannot solve the problem, s/he (and only s/he) will contact ZID.

What Do I Do if I am Blocked?

If you have been blocked, the reason for blocking will be sent to the email address registered for you in the user administration.
If you have been blocked due to a virus infection etc., then remove it as described e.g. on the homepage of ZID of Graz University of Technology.
After the blocking period has expired, contact

Further information:

vc-graz Newsgroup