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Virtual Campus Graz

On the administration server you can see your maximum and your current transfer volume under "Eigene Daten", furthermore you can see a possible blocking reason and further information about your VCG account.

And since we receive inquiries about the transfer volume again and again: The monthly transfer volume valid for the respective dorm (or individually) is assigned by the dorm administration (i.e. not by the operator of VCG!) and is generally in relation to the bandwidth purchased (by the dorm) and the number of residents in the dorm.
Our experience has shown that only a few users are satisfied with a very high (or no) limit for a long time, because this leads to the line being permanently overloaded.
The majority of residents want an Internet connection that always works, rather than seemingly unlimited use (which is then limited after all, because nothing else goes over the line).

However, if you see that the utilization of the dorm connection is not very high, you can ask the dorm administration to increase the transfer limit. However, if the connection is already fully utilized, the dorm administration would first have to increase the bandwidth of the dorm before further increasing the transfer limit (which would lead to even higher utilization), which would involve higher costs for the dorm (and thus probably also for the residents).