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Virtual Campus Graz

SMTP Server (outgoing)

VCG users can set the server with authentication as outgoing email server (SMTP).
The email server filters viruses and uses (incoming) spam lists. Other SMTP servers cannot be reached via port 25 (the reason is that "modern" mail worms have their own SMTP server, through which they could then spread viruses and spam undisturbed).
Other SMTP Servers
If the provider (e.g. your university) allows a secure SMTP connection via port 587 or 465, then (as long as no abuse is known to us) this is also possible from VCG.

465 SMTP over SSL (SMTPS)
587 mail message submission (SMTP with STARTTLS)

If your provider does not offer this and you do not want to use the SMTP server of VCG (e.g. because the sender domain does not match the server domain, which can lead to problems with some mail providers), you have to use webmail (i.e. HTTP interfaces).

The SMTP servers of Graz University of Technology offer both protocols mentioned above.

Operation of (Dorm) Email Servers

Incoming Email Server
The MX record must point to, which forwards mails only to registered domains/servers, i.e.: If you want to run your own (dorm) mail server, you have to apply for it (with justification).
Relay Server
The server must be registered as a relay server ("smart host") or an authenticated connection via port 465 or 587 must be established.