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Virtual Campus Graz

Firewall Settings in VCG

1. Applications

For liability reasons, P2P traffic is largely blocked in VCG. Proxy services are also largely blocked, with the exception of OpenVPN and Wireguard, as are ports for Kerberos, LDAP, NFS, RADIUS, RDP, SAMBA/SMB and TCP623.


SMTP is restricted.

3. DNS

DynDNS is only necessary for server operation, but server operation is only allowed with a fixed IP address with the consent of the dorm.

The DNS server of VC Graz should be used as name server:

However, the servers of TU Graz can also be used: and;
Additionally, (Cloudflare) and (Google) work, too.

4. IP addresses and URLs

If you were redirected to the German version of this web page, it means that the called page falls into one of the following categories:
4.1 Dangerous addresses
Malicious websites
Phishing sites
Botnet IP addresses
Spam URLs
C&C domains
4.2 New domains
Newly registered or newly used domains very often indicate botnets or phishing, so they are classified as dangerous for a few days and only then (automatically) released by the firewall.

With other protocols - i. e. not http(s) - there is unfortunately no redirect to this page, you just get the "wrong" IP address assigned (looks like a MITM attack then) and whatever you want to do won't work.

This can be checked via the FW vendor's homepage.