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Virtual Campus Graz

Network Services for Dorms

In all participating dormitories it is possible to use network access to the university campus and further to the Internet with high transmission rates directly in the room in the dormitory - and this since many years, when in Vienna only single Internet rooms were connected in a few dormitories.

The student dormitories are connected to the ACOnet-POP with optical fibers, depending on the size of the dormitory with symmetrical bandwidths between 30 and 400 Mb/s.
The external connection is protected by a firewall, which - apart from the protection functionality - works relatively transparently.

The ACOnet-internal connection is theoretically multi-10 Gb/s-capable, 10 Gb/s are currently really switched.
The (chargeable) international connection is borne by the Federal Ministry, paid 2 Mb/s per 100 residents in each dorm, with 1 Mb/s costing EUR 1,200/year - in other words, the Ministry pays EUR 2,400/year per 100 residents.
Since the bandwidths of the universities are not used very much at night, the ACOnet participants have been "gifting" additional bandwidth to the dorms at night since 2009, which means that between 16:00 and 09:00 and on weekends there is a much better overall connection for the dorms: the Nightline with theoretically up to 32 times the total bandwidth, limited by the physically maximum available total bandwidth of 10 Gb/s at present. During the day, the contractual bandwidth may also be exceeded, but "only" up to 16 times.

To be able to use this internet access, each resident must be assigned a VCG account by the dorm admin (your dorm administration will give you this name). There is then a monthly transfer limit per account.

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